Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

National Candy Corn Day

How appropriate is it that it's national candy corn day just 1 day away from Halloween.  Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

After we left Spain on our vacation, we spent a week in Mykonos, Greece.  We went there for an amazing scrapbooking event put on by Cocoa Daisy.  In fact, this is what actually started our marathon vacation.  When I found out about the event, I contacted my sister and asked if she would want to go and did she think we could convince our significant others to join us.  Of course, she said yes to both questions and we started planning. 

There were 3 main instructors:  Ali Edwards, Jenni Bowlin, and Karen Russell.  They are 3 truly amazing people.  The event was held to a small group so we had a lot of time with the three of them so we really got to know them.

Ali's project was a travel journal.  Her class was so much fun.  We built the album and then proceeded to gather all types of materials to put in it throughout our stay in Mykonos.  Jenni's project was a canvas using her new paints and inks - something totally out of my element and I loved it.  And then Karen's class was actually a couple of days of photography classes.  She actually has me out of the auto mode on my Rebel Xsi.  Barry even sat in on her classes and loved it as well.  Then we actually put the training into practice going on several outings with everyone.  It was one amazing trip.  I'll post some photos of the classes next week.

On top of those classes, they had several nights of make and takes and then mini classes.  The mini classes were led by Lisa Pace, Ronda Palazzari and Christine Drumheller.  All 3 did cute mini albums - each different in their own style.  Again, I'll post some photos of those next week when I can get some good photos of each.

I'll leave you tonight with some photos.  The first are the hotel where we all stayed:

These next 2 photos are of Mykonos:

Now I just have to sit down and get the all put into my travel journal.  LOL    

Friday, October 29, 2010

Internet Day

I happened to step out of my office (where I had been surfing the net) and saw what a gorgeous sky we had this afternoon.  I hope everyone's day ended this nicely.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

National Chocolates Day

So I've been having the hardest time not opening the packages of Halloween candy sitting on my kitchen counter.  I know what would happen if I did.  The candy would just keep calling my name and I would get a piece each time I walked by (or even make a special trip to get a piece) until the bag was empty.  So..... instead of doing that, while I was out yesterday I found a small bag of mini chocolates (okay, it was 2 bags - 1 of mini PayDays and 1 of mini 100 Grand bars) just for me.  LOL  But after all, it is National Chocolates Days, so indulge.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today is Worldwide Howl at the Moon night, so let's all get out tonight and howl!!!!  Just in time for Halloween.  I hate to admit that I haven't even put up any decorations for Halloween and it's really one of my favorite holidays.  I love it when the kids come by all dressed up in their costumes and we can spoil them with some candy.  They are so cute!!!!  I'll get up my outside decorations in time for them, but I'll be skipping my inside decorations.  I just couldn't get to them since I'm still trying to catch up from being on vacation. 

We taught our Halloween class last weekend.  I think the weather here (it was raining all last week) kept people in because of the people signed up, only 2 actually made it to the store for the class.  But we had fun and ate some delicious cinnamon bites that Amy brought in.  And hopefully everyone has made it by the store to pick up their kit so they can get it put together.

We have kits remaining in both the Halloween and calendar class, so if you are interested in purchasing a kit, just shoot me an email if you're local or if you are out of town you can purchase from our Dare You Say It website.  The Halloween kit is not on our website yet as my web guy (Barry) is out of town on a hunting trip.  If you're interested in that one and you're out of town, just shoot me an email and we'll work it out.

So on another entirely different note - I love my pedicures.  Anyone that knows me knows that I'm usually just a one color gal, with an occasional "you want flower" (you know what I mean) selection; but these are the absolute cutest things:

Jamberry Nails

There's a site called GroopDealz that has these as the "today'z deal".  You get a sheet of these for half price today only - $7.50 for a sheet of these and there is supposed to be enough per sheet for 2-3 sets of toes or fingernails.  There are over 60 designs to choose from.  There's a video on their website that explains how to appy them.  Here's the link if you're interested:

Have yourself a great day!!!! 

Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay, so before you think I'm yelling at you (since my title is in all caps), I'm only doing that to celebrate Caps Lock Day.

Today I was out running errands and stopped in at the newest scrapbooking store in my neck of the woods - Scrapbook Daisies.  They opened up while I was out of the country.  I'm so excited that we have a scrapbook store in Long Beach again.  (Martha has an online store and has decided to add a brick and mortar as well.)  Anyway, I ran into 2 friends that I haven't seen in quite a while - it was so great to re-connect.  They told me that since they've started cropping there, they've seen people they haven't seen in ages as well.  That's one of the things I truly love about scrapbooking.  You meet so many wonderful people to share this wonderful addiction (er, I mean hobby) with and even though you may not see them all the time, you still remain friends.

So speaking of being out of the country, our first stop was Barcelona.  That place is amazing.  When we travel to Europe, it reminds me how young our country is compared to the European ones.  The buildings are amazing there. 

One of my favorite stops was at the Sagrada Familia.  It takes your breath away to see what they have done and what they are still doing. The official date that it was started was March 19th, 1882.  Gaudi officially became the temple's architect on November 3rd, 1883.  If you ever go to Barcelona,this is a "must see" in my opinion.  I would love to see it again years from now to see how much more they have completed.

We took some photos, but here's a copy of a postcard so you see the magnitude of the whole thing.

Above the entrance of one of the doors

Ceiling inside

Close up of just one of the many outside sculptures on the outside of the building

Above another entrance

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Gotta run, Nickers is nudging me for her dinner.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get Smart About Credit Day

Today is "Get Smart About Credit Day".

The surest way to establish your credit is to work yourself into the position of not needing any.

Author: Maurice Switzer

Credit is like a looking-glass, which when once sullied by a breath, may be wiped clear again; but if once cracked can never be repaired.

Author: Walter Scott

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Medical Assistants Recognition Day

Today we celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Day.  So please let them know how much they are appreciated.  We're always quick to complain, but let's be as quick (if not quicker) to show appreciation for people.


Just before we left for our vacation, I found out that bloglines will be closing.  I nearly died.  That site is fantastic and I'm really going to miss them.  It sure makes it easier to keep up with all the blogs you follow.  At least they made it easy to transfer your list over to Google Reader. 

If you haven't been using anything like bloglines and you follow a lot of blogs, you really should check out something like Google Reader (now that bloglines will be closing November 1st) -  I follow way too many blogs, but you can get so many ideas that it is worth spending time in front of your computer to do so.  What it does is allow you to list all the blogs you follow.  Then it "bolds" any blogs that has new posts.  From there you simply click on that blog and voila, there's the new post.  You can also "star" any posts that you want to remember to go back to for reference.  One thing that bloglines did that google reader doesn't do, is display only the new posts and the ones you had saved.  I'm hoping that since more people are transferring over to google reader that they will modify their program to do this.  It sure is a nice feature.

So give Google Reader a try and please add my blog and Amy's blog ( to your list so you can see when we update - which we are both hoping to do more often.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Calendar Class at The Scrapbook Garden

Our second class for the day on Saturday, October 23rd from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM at The Scrapbook Garden is a calendar class.  The cost is $35.

You will create a fat and chunky "family" calendar that you can scan and print for all your family members in time for Christmas or just keep for yourself. I choose to merge my family with my husband's family. I include a photo of each family member for their birthday month and then for their anniversary as well. I then use colored pencils (which is included in this kit) to highlight the date of their birthday / anniversary. This way my family keeps up with my husband's family (and vice versa) each year. This has become a family tradition each year and when we are together during the year, you hear comments like "this photo would be great for the calendar" or "I'd better not see that photo in the calendar". So start your own tradition and come create a calendar that you can save as a scrapbook after the year is over. You'll have 12 great layouts to put into an album at the end of the year. And as always, Amy & I will have plenty of sugar to keep you going while creating.

Although the sample shows 2009, the numbers are cut for 2011.
In addition to your normal tool box, you'll need:
Pop dots
Glue dots
12" ruler
Dark brown ink - I used Colorbox Chalk Dark Brown
Brown ink - I used Colorbox Chalk Chestnut Roan
Red ink - I used Colorbox Chalk Warm Red
Blue ink - I used Colorbox Pigment Royal Blue
Black ink - I used Colorbox Pigment Charcoal
White pen - I used Ranger Inkssentials
Brown pen - I used American Crafts precision pen #05 in brown
Black journaling pen - I used American Crafts precision pen #03 in black
Paper Trimmer

Here are a few photos of the contents of the kit:

Hope to see you there.

Evaluate Your Life Day

Today is "Evaluate Your Life Day" so take a moment to reflect.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today is national chocolate cupcake day, so go celebrate and have a chocolate cupcake!!!

October 31st

Here's some photos of the contents of the Halloween kit that we'll be teaching:

Front cover - using our exclusive album that has been laser cut.

Contents of the kit:

The flowers in this photo are made using the Cuttlebug quilling die, so we'll be showing you how to make these in class.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's been a while since I last posted.  Sorry about that.  Barry & I just got back from a European vacation.  We went to Barcelona, Spain for a couple of days, spent a week in Mykonos, Greece with Cocoa Daisy for their scrapbooking event, and then took a 12 day Mediterranean cruise.  It was fabulous and I'll post some photos later.

Now that we are home, Halloween is fast approaching.  I haven't had a chance to put up any decorations yet, but I'll have to get busy soon or we'll have some disappointed trick-or-treators this year.  We had our first Halloween in this house last year and everyone (well almost everyone) loved our decorations.  One little guy got as far as the sidewalk leading to our door and then took off running back to his parents on the sidewalk.  I felt so bad that I followed him out and made sure he got extra candy.

Amy & I will be teaching a Halloween mini album class at The Scrapbook Garden in Huntington Beach, CA next Saturday - October 23rd from 10AM - 1PM.  The cost is $35 and as all our mini album kits, it is packed full.  You will have lots of product left over to make cards or use for any scrapbook pages.  The retail value of the kit is well over $40.

Notice the little quilled flowers peeking out on the above page?  We'll be making those in class.   And as is usual with our kits, all the paper is pre-cut and organized in the order you will be using it.  So come and join us (or call and order a kit from the store) and make your album.  (If you aren't local to the area, I'll update this blog after the class and let you know if there are any remaining kits.  Then if you want to order one, you can order from our online store.)  That way all you have to do is drop in your photos and journaling after the big night.  And you can be sure we'll have some "frightful" treats to keep your sugar level up while creating.  Hope to see you there.

In addition to your regular Scrapbooking tool kit, please be sure to bring the following supplies with you to class:

Glossy Accents
Journaling Pen
Tape Runner
Wet Adhesive (Glue)
Crop a Dile or hole punch
Photo mats (cut from white copy paper) in the following quantity and sizes:
     3x3 - 5
     4x4 - 3
     3x5 - 3
     4 1/2 x 4 1/2 - 1