Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's been a while

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.  Sometimes life just gets in the way I guess. 

Poor Nickers (our pooch that is like our child) had to have surgery to remove her ear canal so we have been nursing her back to health.  She had been having awful ear infections that we could never seem to get rid of.  Our vet kept treating them and they would go away for, only to return again.  She then developed MRSA in her ear.  Barry has been having to give her a daily shot of a really heavy duty antibiotic in the hopes that it will kill any of the MRSA that may remain after the surgery.  When they did the surgery, they found part of a "fox tail" weed embedded in the bone in her ear.  Seems like that has been the culprit of this whole battle.  So if your dog happens to keep getting ear infections, have them check for something like that that has gotten pushed down into her ear.   

I've also been trying to go through my Boyd's Bears collection and put some of them on ebay and / or send to family members.  My collection has just gotten out of hand and I need to downsize.  Anyone else have that problem? 

And finally, I've been trying to get my scrapbook room organized.  I am currently working on organizing all my stamps.  It's amazing how long it takes to get those done.  I'm using a 3 hole binder and templates that I created to stamp each stamp under a category and list where I am storing it so that in the future I can find them when I need them.   

Hopefully, I can soon get back to scrapbooking and keeping my blog updated.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silpada - Live Life in Style

I love Silpada Jewelry - so much so that I became a rep. That's why I want you to be one of the first to check out the latest looks from Bonnie & Teresa! With 44 brand-new pieces to choose from, you're sure to fall in love with Silpada's gorgeous Sterling Silver Jewelry! I can't wait to show you the new jewelry and help you host a Party to get all your favorite looks for free! If you and your girlfriends would love to do a girls night out, wine tasting open house or a java and jewels day time gathering to earn some free jewelry items I would love to do that with you if you are local to Long Beach, CA or the surrounding area.

You can view the additions by clicking here:  Silpada main website

If you would like me to contact you, you can go here - Contact Sally.  Click on "Already know a Representative" and enter "Sal" as First Name, "Bas" as Last Name, enter the displayed text, and then "California" as the State.  Click on "Find".  My name will pop up - Sally Basiliere.  Then enter your information and I will contact you once I get the notice.