Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wedding Album / Rolled flowers tutorial

We've loaded the wedding album to our store site (  There are only 2 remaining so if you want one, please don't delay in ordering it.

Someone that bought the kit only (didn't attend our class) asked how to make the flowers on the front of the album.  It's the same rolled flower that you've see elsewhere.  (I would give credit to the first place I saw these done, but I can't remember where that is since they are popping up everywhere.)  I told her that I would post a tutorial here.  Please bear with me as this is the first time I've posted anything like this.  If you have any suggestions / helpful advise, please leave me a comment.

1)  Pull out the paper for the flowers and the template. 
2)  Adhere the pattern to the paper with temporary adhesive.

2)  Using scissors (I used 2 decorative and 1 regular pair), cut around the spiral following the lines.  Be sure to leave some of the center portion uncut.
3)  Remove the pattern and start rolling the flower.  I start rolling and then place the paper between my index finger and thumb and turn to roll.
4)  Once you have it all rolled, your will release it to let it "bloom".  This is scary to some people, but trust me it will be fine.
5)  Next place a generous dollap of glue on the part of the flower that you did not cut.  Push the flower onto that glue and hold for a few moments to make sure it adheres.

6)  Allow the flower to dry.  (I usually wait at least 30 minutes to make sure the glue set.)  Spritz the top of your flower with just water - just enough to make it damp and pliable.  Then gently begin folding down the edges of the flower.
7)  Now you have a beautiful flower.  I then spritzed mine with Maya Road Mist - Iridescent Pearl - to give it a little shimmer.
Hope this helps.


  1. Your instructions and visuals for the rolled flowers were perfect! Clear and precise. You did a great job!


  2. Great. I'm glad you came back to see them.

  3. Loved learning how to make these today at the Travel Book class. I'll be using this method often.

  4. I'm glad. We keep trying to have new things to show you in class.